Thank You All for Your

Help in Completing our

2009 Building Project!!

Charlevoix Alano Club Building Project Contractors

Artform Fabricating & Powder Coating

Bartlett’s Home Interiors

Carlson’s Home Improvements

Carol Couture Wallpaper

Charlevoix Development Company

Charlevoix Public Schools

Eisley Electric

Home Planning & Design

J & R Building Movers

Robinson’s Landscaping

Sarya Painting

Sharrow Masonry

Telephone Support Systems

Ray Wallick Builders

Warner Landscaping & Excavating

Wojan Plumbing & Heating

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2009 Alano Club Fundraising Facts as of 9/30/09:

Total of $211,196.42 raised for this project. The remaining funds

($40K+) came from retained earnings from 2004-2009.

154 different donors – nearly 50 made more than one contribution to this

campaign thanks to the Dollar for Dollar Matching Challenge for the final $20K.

205 different contributions were made and each has or will soon receive

thank you letters acknowledging their contribution to this project.

3 donors (1.9%) gave $115,000 (54%) of the total.

7 donors (5%) gave $146,000 (69%) of the total.

16 donors (10.3%) gave $173,117.55 (82%) of the total.

You may have heard of the 80/20 rule –

80% of the (money, work, widgets, etc.) comes

from 20% of those involved – in our case it turns out

80% of the funds came from 10% of our donors.

To be in this category (top 16 or 10%), donors contributed $2,000 or more.

136 (88%) remaining donors contributed $38,078.87 (18%).

100% of Board of Directors and Staff contributed $35,967.55 (17% of total).

58 of 79 Alano Club Members (73%) contributed $153,830.42 (73% of total).

96 non-members (individuals, foundations, businesses, churches,

civic groups, etc.) contributed $57,366.00 (27% of total).


Charlevoix Alano Club Building Project Donors

(alphabetical order)

Ace Hardware

Chuck & Mary Adams

James Alger

Anonymous Donors

Michael & Jeanne Ascione

In memory of Don Ashcraft

Joe & Suzanne Bacinski

Jay Balasz

Jerry & Joan Balch

Bartlett’s Home Interiors

Syd Baxter

Pam Beatty

Scott Beatty

Lawrence & Sandy Bergmann

Bingham Insurance Services

Tony & Marie Blake

Maribeth Bland

Lowell Blossom

Rich Borths

Tim & Kathy Bradley

Ellen Breining

Paul Brendtro

Tim Bruce

Greg Bryan

Bill & Janet Bumbaugh

David Campbell

Central Drug Store

Ceres Foundation

Charlevoix County Community Foundation

Charlevoix County Prosecutors Fund

Charlevoix Knights of Columbus

Charlevoix Lions Club

Charlevoix State Bank

Matt Charron

Christ Episcopal Church

Matt & Lisa Claflin

Tom Clemens

Betty Collins

Dina & Casey Cummings

Peter & Julie Cummings

Gerald Decker Jr

In memory of Jene DeMarse

John Dixon

Mike & Rhea Dow

East Jordan Iron Works

Eisley Electric

Lindsay Elmendorf

First Congregational Church

Frey Foundation

Gary Gearhart

In Memory of Edith Gilbert

Scott Gilland

Bill & Pam Gnodtke

Al & Liz Gooch

In Memory of Norm Goodwin

Sue Goodwin

Bob Grove

Lynn Groves

Doug Hadley

Dan Hales

Judy Hammer

Steve & Anne Hansen

Robert Harris

Bob Heath

Don & Kay Heise

Bruce & Joyce Herbert

Holly Herschede

Jim Hettinger

Mary Hickman

Howard & Rosemary Horton

Wendy Hoyt

Mrs. Timothy Ives

J & R Building Movers

Chet Janik

David & Eileen Juilleret

Elbert & Beverly Kaiser

Don Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

Scott & Celia Kelly

John & Leland Keyser

Murray & Jeanie Kilgour

Jeff & Sherry Kirby

Susan Kitely

John & Elaine Kurtz

Barry & Cela Laughlin

Richie & Liz LaVoie

Mary Leatherman

Francis Left

Terry Left

Kraag Lieberman

Ken & Joan MacGillivray

John & Mariel Madison

Todd Malpass

Scott & Jennifer Martin

Rob & Lynn Maxwell

Tom May

Gerry & Rita McAvoy

Pat Miller

Barb Mittig

Carol Morris

Richard & Linda Mueller

Francis Murdick

Mark Murray

Pat Murray

Mary O’Leary

Richard & Linda O’Leary

Timothy O’Leary

Oleson Foundation

Rita Orlowski

John & Bonnie Osher

Steve & Kathy Paterka

Karla Pease

Bruce Petrie

Allen Plungis

Rainbow Shoppe

Wally Rakecky

Randall Chiropractic

Jack Rankin

David & Joan Robinson

Rhonda Romatz

Richard Rosenhaus

Mason & Lynne Rosenthal

In Memory of Claude Roux

Mary Anne Roux

Judy Russell

Saturday Morning Men’s Meeting

Bill Scadin

Albert & Alice Sharrow

Kelly Spiegel

Terri Staley

Dick Stangis

In Memory of Ann Stasinos

Betty Stephen

Street Legends

Bill & Marie Strong

Charles & Judith Stuart

Neil Suomela

Bill Supernaw

Jon Supernaw

Steele Taylor

The Charlevoix Club

Linda Tracy

Gordon & Susan VanWieren

Village Graphics

Ray Wallick

Steve & Nancy Weber

Tory Werth

Judy White

Gregg Whitley

Ken Whitley

Roberta Whitley

Sally Whitley

April Wilson

John & Zita Winn

Vance & Toni Wood

Barb Wotila

Sonny & Billie Wright


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